About Us

The CLEAN WATERWAYS event will focus on improving oil and hazardous materials spill prevention and response on inland river systems. This unique event brings together State & Federal regulatory agencies, operating companies and the planning and response community. The inaugural event will take place in Louisville, KY, June 27-28. The event will be held on an annual basis rotating amongst several major river cities based on feedback from the attending audience.

Event Goals

To serve the spill response industry in prevention, preparedness and response by hosting a forum that facilitates an open exchange of ideas, case studies and best practices for stakeholders from government, environmental, emergency planning and response industries throughout maritime, facilities, rail and pipeline.  Further, to improve working relationships between industry and agencies prior to an incident occurring.


The Ohio River spans 15 states and is one of the heaviest industrial rivers in the country.  When a spill or hazardous event occurs, it doesn't stay in one place which means multiple State and Federal Agencies must get involved.  CLEAN WATERWAYS’ birth came about with a realization that there was no conference for the inland river systems that brought together all of the above-mentioned stakeholders.  Following in the footsteps of 25 successful years with CLEAN GULF we are excited about launching this companion event that will focus on improving oil and hazardous materials spill prevention and response on inland river systems.

Who Should Attend 
Anyone involved in spill prevention and response along inland river systems will benefit from attending CLEAN WATERWAYS.  The conference content will cover all spill prevention and response issues along inland rivers, including those faced by facilities, pipeline, rail, and barges/tankers.   

Company types that will benefit from attending CLEAN WATERWAYS include, but are not limited, to: 

  • Academia/Associations
  • Chemical/Petrochemical Companies
  • Electric & Gas Utility Companies   
  • Local Emergency Planning Committees
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Marine Fire & Salvage Responders
  • Oil & Gas Operators
  • Oil Spill Planning & Prevention Consultants
  • OSRO’s
  • Pipeline Operators
  • Port Authorities
  • Railroad Companies
  • Shipping & Barge Companies
  • State & Federal Regulatory Agencies
  • Terminal & Storage Operators
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation Agencies

Event Staff:

Show Director – Kayla Sparks

Sr. Conference Manager – Cassie Davie

Sales Manager – Anastasia Bisson

Marketing Director – Carey Buchholtz

Dana Ronan – Sr. Operations Coordinator

Group Attendance Sales Manager – Jill Dean

Registration Manager – Melissa Helms

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